Studio A

Studio A boasts acoustics designed by John Brandt Acoustic Design, and is equipped with a 64-channel 1983 SSL E/G console, a Pro Tools HDX system with 40 channels of Avid HD I/O, and a choice of Genelec 1033, Barefoot MicroMain27 and Adam S3x monitors, as well as a wide range of vintage and modern outboard gear and the latest plugins.

AW Studios offers a collection of preamps, equalisers and compressors from some of the most respected brands in the industry, such as Neve, Manley, Telefunken, Siemens, Maselec, Urei, Universal Audio and API.

We ensures that recording engineers have the best tools at their disposal to capture the highest quality audio.

The 70 square meters live room at Angel’s Wings Recording Studio features an open layout with unobstructed sightlines, making it ideal for recording bands, acoustic instruments, classical ensembles, and choirs. With the use of gobos, engineers can easily tailor different spaces for tracking full bands, ensuring excellent isolation between instruments during tracking.

We features a collection of highend instruments and amps, including a Fender Rhodes 73, MiniMoog Voyager, Kurzweil K2600, Yamaha C108 Vertical Piano, Obhereim OB12, Yamaha Synth CS10, Quasimidi Sirius synth, MesaBoogie RectoVerb, Madamp A15W Tube6V6, AshDown Mag300 EVO II.